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COVID 19 Vaccinations

“To all my Clients and Community,” I have received many questions concerning vaccinations and the roll out of ...
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Free Covid Tests Available

Covid Kit Tests are now available through the federal government. You can order them here: It only ...
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Personal Insurance

Starting January 1st, there is a Special Enrollment Period which takes place from January 1- January 31, 2021 ...
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Open Enrollment Period: January 1- March 31

The Open Enrollment Period takes place from January 31st – March 31st. If you have questions, changes or ...
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Medicare Education

Medicare Advantage Versus Medicare Supplemental You’ve turned 65, or you’re about to and you’ve signed up for Medicare ...
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Annual Enrollment Period

Annual Enrollment Period takes place from October 15 – December 7. This is the time to select new ...
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